Sustainable forestry is in our nature

The forests of Alberta are one of the most important natural resources we have. Alberta’s forest companies are committed to making sure that our forests remain sustainable forever.

200 Years In The Making

Harvesting is thoughtful and strategic. It takes years of meticulous planning. In fact, before a single tree is cut, forestry companies study and analyze the forest ecosystem before presenting the government with a 200-year plan, repeating the process every ten years with improved information and following applicable regulations.

The full environmental assessment

Creating a harvesting plan that yields optimal conditions for forest regeneration involves a thorough assessment of the forest ecosystem and ensures forest values are maintained for future generations.

Alberta Vegetation

Different types and condition of forest vegetation, including species of trees, shrubs and other flora.

Parks and Roads

Spatial efficiency for harvesting trees around our parks and roads.


Bodies of water and the wildlife species, their habitat conditions, migratory patterns, and other factors in ensuring their populations remain healthy.


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Indigenous Values

Consideration of sacred sites for activities like hunting, trapping, medicine gathering, and spiritual practices.