Communities & Careers

40,000 people work in forestry and related jobs across Alberta. Our relationship with Alberta’s forests creates a diverse array of rewarding, challenging, meaningful careers that support Alberta families and communities.

The people who pursue these careers tend to have certain things in common. They feel a close connection with nature. They feel most at home outside. They want to interact with natural landscapes and make a difference through their work. In many cases, they grew up in places where working in the forest is part of the social fabric – there are 70 communities in Alberta that developed around the forest industry and are still economically driven by forest-related jobs.

Pursuing that passion can take many different forms. Some people work in mills, making sustainable forest products that we use every day. Some people work in the field as foresters, who go out to measure, monitor and record the state of our forests. Some specialize in planning and working with data to make sure timber harvests are sustainable. Some become researchers who study specific questions related to our forest ecosystems. Across government, industry and academic settings, our forests are the focus of many careers.