Sustainable forestry is in our nature

The forests of Alberta are one of the most important natural resources we have. Alberta’s forest companies are committed to making sure that our forests remain sustainable forever.

Forestry Products

Alberta wood products are some of the best in the world. Our cold climate gives the wood particular characteristics: it’s exceptionally strong and made up of unusually long fibres.

This makes it ideal for building homes, decks, and furniture that are made to last, and for producing high-quality pulp used in paper products.

Sustainable & innovative uses for wood

In Alberta, you can be sure our products are sustainably and ethically produced. On top of meeting government requirements for sustainability, Alberta forestry companies often seek additional certification from independent sustainability organizations. 96% of the managed forests in Alberta are certified sustainable by international organizations like the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.

Forest products sometimes show up in places you might not expect. In addition to paper, pulp is used to make HDTV screens. Cosmetics, diapers, and other everyday consumer goods use natural elements from trees, too. And with the material that’s left over from producing pulp, lumber, and other primary products, we can create carbon neutral energy, fertilizer, and renewable components for other kinds of manufacturing, such as wood pellets for barbecues.