What We Get

Climate & Environment

Even from a distance, our forests improve every Albertan’s quality of life. They’re a powerful ally in the fight against climate change. They clean our air and water and support thousands of wildlife species. Every minute of every day, our forests make Alberta a better place to live.

Recreation & Culture

Forests have always been part of Albertans’ lives. Countless treasured memories and even whole communities have taken shape around them. A visit to the forest reconnects us with things that are bigger than ourselves – the wonder of the natural world and thousands of years of history and heritage.

A Renewable Resource

Our forests provide the materials to build things people all over the world cherish. We have trees and plants to thank for our homes, furniture and even life-saving items like bandages, medicines and IV bags. A new way of using what used to be considered waste from production also gives us a renewable, carbon-neutral alternative to energy from fossil fuels and coal.