Health & Wellbeing

In a world where constant stress feels like the norm, we all need time to slow down and reconnect. Spending time in nature has well-documented benefits for physical and mental health – it reduces worry, boosts mood and restores energy. Even just having a view of trees and greenery through a hospital window has been shown to decrease pain intensity and recovery time for patients recovering from surgery.

Human beings are built for connection, with one another and with the natural environment around us. Biologically and psychologically, we’re wired to feel most at peace around trees, water, and green space – the kind of environments that have sheltered and nourished us throughout our history. Even small parks and gardens make a difference, but the majesty of Alberta’s forests makes for a truly immersive, restorative experience.

Part of the beauty of forests is that you don’t have to do any particular activity to enjoy connecting with them. The benefits of “forest bathing” – just relaxing and enjoying the sights, sounds, and scents of the forest – have been popularized in Japan, but Alberta’s forests are just as ready to welcome people who could use some help to unwind.

Alberta’s forest companies take care of our forests so they will be here to enjoy forever.