Sustainable forestry is in our nature

The forests of Alberta are one of the most important natural resources we have. Alberta’s forest companies are committed to making sure that our forests remain sustainable forever.

Renewable Energy

Globally, we strive to reduce the reliance on energy sources like coal and fossil fuels. Bioenergy, which uses by-products from pulp and lumber production to create electricity, provides a renewable, carbon-neutral alternative.

Waste from the production process can be burned to create energy. Since Alberta forestry companies grow three multiple new trees for every tree harvested, the carbon released by burning is offset by the carbon the new trees absorb, creating a carbon-neutral cycle.

Creating bioenergy

Alberta’s forest industry respects the value of every tree and forest companies work hard to minimize waste from their operations.
Material left over from making forest products such as hog fuel, black liquor, and wood pellets can be used and burned to create carbon-neutral renewable energy.

Another process of creating bioenergy is through methanation. The chips that are left from the lumber production in the mills undergo the pulping process. In this pulping process, water is cleaned through a bacterium to remove organics before it is discharged back to the stream. In this process, the bacteria produce methane and the mills take this methane gas to produce bioenergy.

Many of the industry’s manufacturing facilities produce and use this kind of energy to power their operations. Any excess energy created by biomass is also transferred to the provincial grid, reducing the overall environmental impact of supplying electricity to Alberta communities.