Sustainable forestry is in our nature

The forests of Alberta are one of the most important natural resources we have. Alberta’s forest companies are committed to making sure that our forests remain sustainable forever.

Tending To The Forest

Forestry in Alberta goes beyond just planting and replanting more trees than were harvested. This isn’t to create “tree farms.”

Our forest industry doesn't plant monocultures – these new, regenerated forests are expected to show the same level of biodiversity as a forest that grew without human involvement.

Our regrowth philosophy

Replanting isn’t the end of regeneration; any more than birth is the end of parenthood. The new forests we plant need nurturing and care to reach their full potential.

In Alberta, we carefully monitor and adapt our management practices to nurture new growth until it reaches a self-sustaining stage. Even if all goes well and the forest develops as expected, companies are still required to watch over the areas they’ve replanted for a minimum of 14 years.

Goals are established in advance for that 14-year period. If the new forest hasn’t reached specific indicators of healthy, stable development by that time, the company stays involved until those standards are met and the forest is able to thrive on its own.

When it comes to replanting, nature is our best teacher. We should always look at what was growing there before when we work to regenerate a forest – in replanting, we restore the same types and mix of trees that are native to a particular site. This includes forest companies collecting the seeds from the site to ensure similar genetic compositions exist within the new forest. The purpose of regeneration isn’t to plant what grows the most quickly or would be most profitable if the area was harvested again. The purpose is always clear: ensure healthy, thriving, diverse forests across the province.