Sustainable forestry is in our nature

The forests of Alberta are one of the most important natural resources we have. Alberta’s forest companies are committed to making sure that our forests remain sustainable forever.

Water Sustains Us

Disturbances in the forest like fire can sometimes affect the water quality and quantity.

Planning and harvesting involve the close observation of water movement within ecosystems and the use of a variety of scientific data.

Why water research matters

The Southern Rockies Watershed Project at the University of Alberta is the largest study of its kind worldwide. It examines how watershed changes as a result of large-scale disturbances and it may offer insight on how to help forests and water systems bounce back after forest fires. fRI Research is revolutionizing watercourse buffers to improve how we maintain water sources. They’re able to identify the ideal shape, size, and location of buffers for different types of water bodies.

Why we love our wetlands

The health of our wetlands and the species that live there is a barometer for the overall health of our environment, not to mention the direct benefits to our broader ecosystem.

Canada holds close to a quarter of the world’s wetlands. They’re vital to our ecosystem and environment – wetlands hold and filter fresh water, support a diversity of wildlife, and store carbon. Globally, the boreal forest holds 455 billion tonnes of carbon or as much as 26 years’ worth of global emissions, most of which is held in peaty boreal wetlands that submerge decaying plants and keep them from releasing carbon into the atmosphere.

Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC) and other partner organizations worked alongside the forestry industry and to establish the Forest Management Wetland Stewardship Initiative – an ongoing collaboration with Ducks Unlimited Canada to share knowledge and resources that maintain the health of wetlands in the boreal forest.