Wildlife Research

Supporting species of concern is an important part of research in Alberta and around the world. The more we know about what these animals need, the better our efforts to help them will be.

In Alberta, forestry companies support significant research into many different species, including caribou and grizzly bears. The University of Alberta and the fRI Research have provided insights on the needs of different species that inform the way we manage, maintain and harvest Alberta’s forests. Caribou need large, continuous areas of coniferous forest where they have plenty of lichens to feed on and minimal competition. Grizzly bears prefer areas that resemble forests after a fire, with stands of mature trees scattered across sections that have been cleared.

Independent scientific research about Alberta’s wildlife is important to our foresters. They implement this knowledge to ensure a sustainable harvesting approach. Partnerships between the provincial and federal government, the forest industry, research organizations, and other stakeholders have brought people together to support the long-term survival of caribou, grizzlies and many other species.